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Bart's 68gr ULTRA

Price: $18.00

Bart's ULTRA is probably the winningest 6mm bullet in short-range Benchrest right now. Among its many victories was the 2005 Super Shoot, as used by Col. Billy Stevens. Bullets are priced at $180/1000.

The ULTRA is available in two weights, 66gr and 68gr. The latter seems most popular. A medium-sized, tapered bullet, the ULTRA measures .2435 on the pressure ring and starts as .2434 on the body and tapers off. The ULTRA is a double radius bullet, with a 9 ogive in the back and blending into a 6 ogive in the front. It has about .040 more bearing surface than the Wedge. We recommend a .050-.060" Freebore to shoot this bullet in a 6BR rifle. However you'll probably have enough neck to hold the bullet even with a .100" freebore--just make sure you have enough neck tension.

Recommended Twist: 1:13-1:14
Estimated BC: .245

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Bart's Custom Bullets - Bartsbullets.com
321 Country Lane,
Radcliff, KY 40160
Phone: 270-877-7282

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