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Blaser 9/100000
Editor's Note: Blasers are available in a wide variety of finish grades, from field grade to presentation grade. You'll find it all on the Blaser web site. Here's the fanciest Blaser ever created, the 9/100000 model crafted to commemorate the 100,000th straight-pull R93 made in 2002:

Most Precious Blaser Hunting Rifle Ever: The R 93 No. 9/100000

After producing the Blaser R 93 for almost a decade, 2002 marks the year that the 100,000th straight pull bolt-action rifle went into production. To commemorate this achievement, Blaser collaborated with Jürgen Göser, one of the best rifle engravers in Germany, to design and create an unmatched masterpiece in steel. It is the most precious engraving ever made on a Blaser rifle, and the most lavish work performed by Jürgen Göser in his 37-year career.

A total of 22 species – the most coveted fair game in the world – are depicted on the bolt, barrel, trigger guard and pistol grip cap. The design blends two distinct styles, merging seamlessly from a deep relief engraving to a graceful Bulino technique. The animals are produced with imagination and masterful perfection, their stance and expression enhanced through delicate nuances. Graceful, elaborate arabesques and leaves frame the dramatic scenes.

To complete the one-of-a kind creation, double 24-carat gold threads (0.2mm wide) were inlaid approximately 1.5mm apart, with a frosted contrast line in between. In total, there are 4.7 meters of gold threads on the system case, and another 7 meters decorating the barrel, interchangeable barrel, sights, front sight base, swivel ring, bolt handle, riflescope mount and pistol grip cap. It took a full 12 months of engraving work to create this work of art.

Perfecting the rifle is an exquisite stock of veined walnut heart. The barrel in caliber .300 Winchester Magnum bears the number 9/100000 and the interchangeable barrel in caliber .375 Holland & Holland Magnum is No. 9/100001.

In March 2003, on the IWA in Nuremberg, exactly 10 years after the first R 93 rifle was presented to the public, the 100,000th rifle of this model was unveiled.

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