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Richard Schatz's World-Record 6 Dasher

Richard Schatz's World-Record 6 Dasher

In June 2004, this 6 Dasher in a "Baby Tracker" stock set a new 6-target NBRSA 1000-yard Light Gun Aggregate world record of 6.125". Richard writes:

"Check this out! I hope you can read the awards in the photo. This took place at Byers, CO on June 26 & 27. My 11-lb Baby Tracker-stocked Nesika 'J' in 6 Dasher shooting 106 Clinch Rivers took:

Light Gun Group, six-target Agg---6.125"
Light Gun Score, six-target Agg---276
Light Gun High single-target Score---50-2X
Light Gun Small single target group---4.000"
Heavy Gun Small single target Group---7.032"

The 6.125" six target light gun agg is a new NBRSA World Record beating the one set by Tim North last September at Byers, CO also riding a Shehane 1000L Tracker.

Richard Schatz"

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