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6x47 Swiss Match (RUAG CH)

6x47 Swiss Match (RUAG CH)

This round is the logical next step up beyond a 6BR Improved. It is used by the Swiss 300m shooting team and seems very similar to David Tubb's 6XC, propelling a 105gr bullet at 3000fps. It is made by RUAG munitions in Switzerland. Once-fired RUAG 6X47SM brass is available from Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing. In length and shape the cartridge is similar to a 22-250, but with less body taper and a 30-degree shoulder. In this respect it seems pretty similar to the 6XC (which has 47.0 grains water capacity). Tubb's round enjoys the advantage of US-made brass and he's got the die situation worked out. But the RUAG 6x47 brass is truly outstanding--those who've seen and measured the cases say they're more uniform than Lapua, which is saying a lot. User Corbin Shell has located an import source in Switzerland, and is looking at bringing in RUAG 6x47 brass to the USA in early 2005 or sooner.

Redding makes 6x47 dies, and Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool & Gauge has reamer prints available.

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