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Ultimate Varminter AR Auction
BENEFIT AUCTION of 20 Practical AR Ultimate Varminter. Minimum Bid $1700.00.

1/10/2009 UPDATE: The Auction is CLOSED! The Rifled was auctioned for a $3500.00 high bid.

20 Practical AR

In cooperation with AR-X Enterprises (Robert Whitley), AccurateShooter.com | 6mmBR.com is offering a full custom AR15 optimized as a varminter/prairie dog rifle. The net proceeds from the auction will be donated to help sponsor this website. With a minimum bid of $1700.00, you could obtain this proven tack-driver for less than the cost of the components. (Scope and front rest NOT included.)

Submit Bids to Mailbox@6mmBR.com

CLICK HERE to Read 'Ultimate Varminter' Feature Story.

This is a superb rifle, probably one of the most accurate ARs ever built. With virtually no load development (to keep the round count under 100), the gun is a proven tack-driver. Every 5-round group through the gun was small enough to fit under a dime. The last 5-round group through the barrel was a measured 0.257". And that's with inexpensive varmint bullets seated .010" off the lands.

20 Practical AR Varminter

Tricked-out and upgraded from stem to stern, we doubt you could find any gunbuilder to put together an identical rifle for under $2500.00 -- if they could get the components. This rifle features a 24" Bartlein 1:11"-twist cut-rifled barrel. That barrel, as a blank, would run you $365.00 and you'd have to wait for months. The upper receiver housing is a special heavey-walled DPMS unit, fitted with a side-charging handle. The side-charging makes it much easier to cycle the action when shooting prone or from the bench. The gun features the new EGW Delrin Bag-riders front and rear, which were originally designed and crafted for this project rifle. Other important components are a GG&G Extended Scope Rail and a premium clamp-on gas block. And we've fitted a Jewell trigger.

This gun is a true precision varminter with premium components. The 20 Practical caliber offers lower recoil and better ballistics than the .223 Remington. You can watch a video of Robert Whitley shooting the rifle and see for yourself that, as fitted with the EGW bag-riders, this gun tracks like a dream. There is none of the rocking and rolling you'll get with a typical AR.

Outstanding Value
Minimum bid for our Ultimate Varminter is $1700.00. That's really an excellent value when you consider the quality of the components. Currently, a Bushmaster "Stainless Varmint Special" retails for $1365.00. That is with a no-name barrel, 3.5-lb standard trigger, no extended scope rail, and no bag-riders. The Bushmaster will have a thin-walled upper and conventional charging handle. If you were to buy the Bushmaster, accuracy would be a question mark. It might shoot well, but then it might only be a one-MOA gun. And you'll need to add a scope rail to get proper eye relief with a good varmint scope. With our Ultimate AR, it's ready to go and you KNOW it's going to be accurate.

20 Practical AR

Submit Bids, via Email, to Mailbox@6mmBR.com. Prior to close of auction, this site may choose to disclose the current active bid history.

Auction ITEM: Up for auction is One (1) complete AR15-platform varmint rifle chambered in 20 Practical (scope not included). The cost of components exceeds $2100.00. The table below lists major components:

Component SpecificationRetail Value
Bushmaster Complete Lower with A2 Buttstock$345.00
Jewell AR15 2-Stage Trigger Assembly (Complete)$214.99
Ergo Over-Molded Rubber Hand Grip$25.00
Evolution Gunworks (EGW) Front and Rear Delrin Bag-riders (3" Width)$75.00
AR-X Match Upper (Less Barrel). This includes Bolt Assembly, Clamped Gas Block, Heavy-Walled Floating Handguard Tube, Heavy-Walled DPMS Low Pro Upper,with Side Charging Handle Upgrade$995.00
24" Bartlein 1:11" twist, .204-Caliber Stainless Match Barrel$365.00
GG&G FIRE System GS-1 Extended Picatinny Scope Rail$89.95
AR15 10-round Aluminum milspec magazine (Not Available in some locations)$18.00
TOTAL VALUE of components (not including gunsmithing)$2127.94

Comment from 6mmBR.com's Founder

Robert Whitley and I brainstormed this rifle and worked on its development for over a year. We wanted a "no-compromise" gun that could fix some of the AR15's shortcomings when used as a varmint rifle. We wanted to make sure the eye relief was correct, and that the gun would be rock-steady when shooting from the bags. We also wanted a precise, light-weight trigger and a convenient side-charging handle. We chose a caliber that lets you see your hits on varmints even without a muzzle brake. And the 20 Practical caliber also offers better ballistics (flatter trajectory) than a .223 Rem shooting 50-55 grain bullets. Above all, this gun had to deliver consistent half-MOA or better accuracy.

By all measures, this rifle lives up to our expectations and then some. Truth is, if I did not live in California, this rifle would be in MY safe ... count on it. But California won't let me buy this gun. So this is your opportunity. If you know anything about ARs you know how rare it is to find one that can shoot 3s and 4s consistently, even with inexpensive varmint bullets.

If you've always wanted an AR15 for prairie dog shooting, it would be hard to find a better rifle. This AR will match nearly any bolt-action varmint rifle for accuracy. But at the same time, the AR gives you rapid follow-up shot ability. Those who've worked over a prairie dog town with an accurized AR will tell you "it feels like cheatin' compared to shooting a bolt gun. You can be on a second or even third target before a bolt gun is settled back on the bags, reloaded, and ready to shoot."

20 Practical AR


1. All Bids are binding, final and cannot be retracted.

2. Minimum Bid is US $1700.00. This does not include shipping, insurance, and applicable fees and taxes. All relevant state and Federal Laws apply.

3. Submit Bids, via Email, to Mailbox@6mmBR.com. Prior to close of auction, this site may choose to disclose the current active bid history.

4. MANDATORY: Include your name, postal address, email address, and day-time telephone number with all bids. You cannot win the auction unless this information is provided!

5. Auction closes on January 9, 2009, midnight Eastern Time (2400 hours--the end of the day, not the morning). However, this site retains the right to complete the auction earlier, by selling to the then-current highest bidder. A bidder may submit multiple bids. However, ONLY that bidder's highest bid (whenever submitted) will be considered.

6. FFL is required to accept rifle. All state and Federal laws apply. We will not ship to California or any other jurisdiction where possession or ownership of AR15 type rifles is prohibited.

7. The winning bidder shall make payment in full to AR-X Enterprises, by cash, check or money order, within 10 days of close of auction.

8. Shipping, insurance, and applicable taxes, if any, are extra, and are the responsibility of the high bidder.

9. In the event the high bidder fails to perform, the next highest bidder will be allowed to purchase the rifle, provided his/her bid exceeds the $1700.00 minimum.

10. If more than one party has submitted the exact same high bid, the bid received first shall take precedence. Bid timing will be based on date and time of email delivery.

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