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Roger's 6BR Kodiak Hunter Class/Hog gun

This is a pic. of my 6mmBR-14" twist/Hart-Undersize HV-(1.200 Tang) .262" neck, Kelbly Kodiac RBLP w/ejector, Jewell 2oz W/safety, Kelbly "Hunter Class" stock, B&L 36X. My load is 66gr Fowler, 31gr N-133, Fed.205, Lapua brass. Gunsmith was Fred Hasecuster. This rifle is built to compete in NBRSA Hunter class (10.5-lb limit) the barrel on it in the photo is a 6BR barrel from one of my Panda actions and is too big to be legal in Hunter class but I use it in groundhog /Egg shoots and it does very well.
-- Roger Amos, Washington WV

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