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John's Nesika + Krieger 6BR Varminter

John writes "This is my Nesika Model J with a Kreiger 8 twist barrel chambered in 6mbr. This thing shoots 75 gr. VMax's and 105 or 107 VLD's like a house on fire. The 75's are really popping varmints out to the 600 yd. line very easily. It's topped with A Nightforce NXS 5.5X22X56 with the varmint rangeing rectical. I love the knobs on this scope as they are easy to set the zero and easy to turn and see the markings. I think it is my favorite scope. I can see my hits most of the time with the 6mbr. The stock is the Shehane Baby Tracker and has become my favorite stock. It tracks in the bags like a rail gun." Built by Richard Franklin.

Editor's note: John is a heck of a varmint hunter, and he also runs the Varmints For Fun website. Take a close look at the truck. That's a hoist which John uses to raise and lower his wheelchair. And yes, he does drive that 4x4, even with a disability. Go John!

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