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Joe Friedrich ARA Rimfire ChampionLearn advanced rimfire Benchrest techniques with Joe Friedrich, 2006 ARA Grand Aggregate Champion. Joe is the only human on the planet to have shot two 2500 perfect scores in ARA competition, as well as two 9850 four-target Aggs. Joe discusses gear selection, gun tuning, and the all-important Mental Game. This article features live shooting videos.
2005 F-Class Champion Jeff Cochran 6.5-284Jeff Cochran, 2005 F-Class National Champion (Open Class) covers the fine points of individual and team F-Class Competition. Jeff explains gear selection, gun-handling, load testing, wind doping, mirage reading, and match strategies. He also discusses team management, new target rules, and future trends in the sport.
Tierney NBRSA 1000 yard ShootingLong-Range Shooting with Jerry Tierney, 1000-Yard Champion and U.S. Palma Team Member. Long-time prone and Palma shooter Jerry Tierney recently jumped into the BR arena, capturing the 2005 NBRSA 1000-yard Championship. Jerry shares his wisdom on wind-reading, reloading for .284 and 6.5-284, and match strategies.
Bart Sauter Super Shoot PPC BenchrestA Brain Trust of leading 6PPC Benchrest shooters discuss the fine points of short-range benchrest and the Super Shoot. Contributors include 2003 Shooter of the Year Bart Sauter, fellow Hall of Famers Jim Borden, Allie Euber, Speedy Gonzalez, George Kelbly, and rising star Wayne Campbell.
6.5-284 Winchester HooverExpert's Guide to the 6.5-284 with John Hoover. John, who shoots with his wife, son, and daughter, is one of the nation's top 6.5-284 shooters. Here he shares his reloading secrets, brass prep procedures, and gun-handling tips. This article has a wealth of info for 6.5-284 shooters.
Palma Whidden .308 Winchester gunsmithingTop Palma/prone shooter John Whidden explains the techniques that earned him First Place at the U.S. Palma Team Trials. John describes the features of the 10-twist .308 rifle he smithed himself. Tips on precision reloading and home gunsmithing.
terry brady 600 yard Berger 6BR Shooter YearMastering the 600-yard Game. Profile of 2005 IBS 600-yard Shooter of the Year, Terry Brady. Terry explains how he set four World Records with his standard 6BR, including a .861" 5-shot group at 600 yards. Reloading Tips and Interview.
Henry Rivers 30BR Score Benchrest2004 IBS Score Shooter of the Year "Humble Henry" Rivers holds forth on the magic (and challenge) of the 30BR in Score Benchrest competition. Henry discusses gun-handling techniques, match preparation, components selection, and reloading methods.
260 Rem Tactical Terry Cross KMWTactical .260 AI Insights with Terry Cross. Terry has dominated Tactical competition in recent years, shooting his .308 or .260 AI (aka 6.5-08 Ackley Improved). Terry provides an authoritative guide to the .260 AI cartridge, the new Surgeon Action, with tips for Tactical competitors.
Brad Sauve F-Class .308 Team Nationals2004 F-TR Class National Champion Brad Sauve explains how to tune and shoot a .308 Win in F-Class events. Wind-reading skills (and plenty of trigger time) are keys to victory he believes. Brad, a member of the winning "Great Lakes Express" 4-man F-TR team, also shares his insights into team competition.
German Salazar 6mm BR Norma 300m Quadlite300 Meter Prone Champion German Salazar, along with talented 6BRX shooter Scott Parker, cover the techniques of prone shooting, focusing on body position, hold, and gun-handling. Salazar also discusses the "Mental Game", a key element in match success.
.308 Win Tactical Rifle Froggy shooterPrecision shooting and reloading advice from Tactical Shooter Froggy. Lots of great info here for shooters using bipods, or shooting heavy-recoiling calibers. Part II of the article covers advanced reloading techniques. You'll learn a few new tricks--guaranteed.
1K BR 1000 yard Benchrest Williamsport RulesGuide to 1000-yard shooting and 1K Benchrest Competition. Jason Baney's comprehensive primer on long-range target shooting. Includes a complete guide to 1000-yard hardware plus links to major 1000-yard ranges across the USA.

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