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Flatlander's Palma-Barreled 6BR UBL Improved

Dennis (Flatlander) writes:
"Here's a photo of my 6BR Imp. UBL on the bench at my range. Rifle is built around a Nesika K with a Krieger standard Palma contour barrel in a Robertson Composites H&H stock, Davies trigger, with a SS 16x42 scope in Leupold PRW rings on Weaver bases modified for the Nesika's 8x40 screws. Randy Gregory originally built the rifle as a Palma with a Krieger 308W barrel in October 2000. During the winter of '02, I had a local smith chamber and fit a 6.5mm 8-twist std. Palma Krieger for the 6.5x55. I hadn't had much success with the 6.5x55 up until right before I sent it back to Randy for the 6mm barrel. However, it was showing some real promise with Lapua 139s, Fed 215Ms, and AA3100 this past spring, so now I'm wishing I could afford to build another long-range rifle around another Nesika, and put the 6.5x55 barrel back in service. We'll see how anxious I am to do all that after shooting a few 1000yd matches with the 6BR Improved..."

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