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Rich De's 600yd Comp 6BR

Rich writes: "I have been shooting the 6mm br for years, (mainly in my XP-100 pistol) but started using it competitively this year in 600 yd. BR. It is "good" and it can be "disasterous!" When the wind is calm or you have very good readable wind flags, it is great. If the wind is up and poor wind flags, it S_ _ _ S'. I have shot both the 80 Fowlers and 100 CR's. In windy weather, you might as well go home and save ammo with the flat base Fowlers at 600 yards. On a good day, you could easily find yourself in the winners circle.

My best agg and match win for group was with the 100 CR's (2.7" agg. for four 5-shot targets). But even with the wind getting up a bit, a solid "two" agg. can be stretched to a "three or four" with a windy condition target.

One bullet that shoots really great from my 15 1/4 lb, 6 BR, 26" 1:8 Shilen, .262 nk. barrel is the 88 gr. Berger LD (flat base). I have not however, shot it in a match since the 100 CR's were doing good and [they have] a higher BC (.525 vs. .347).

I am going to finish out the year with the 6 BR and then make a decision about switching to the .243 Ackley. The extra 200-300 fps with the 100 CR should decrease my horizontal dispersion when the wind gets up. I would possibly consider one of the 6mm BR variants but I happen to have the .243 Ackley reamer and accompanying dies. I also have a new 8.5 twist Border barrel sitting on the shelf."

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