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BAT Machines 6.5" RBLP SV Action

Farley Action
Made from cast stainless, the Farley is extremely smooth and fast. The 8" action has a 2.4" port and weighs 33 ounces. The unique Farley ejector can be selected on or off. Tenon is 1.062" with 16 tpi thread. The limited-production Farley costs $1,100, with either 6PPC or .308 bolt-face. Expect to wait up to 8 months for delivery. Farley Action

Stiller Actions
Built from aluminum (with steel tenon insert) like the Stolle Panda, the Viper is one of the smoothest actions available today. It comes hard anodized for durability, and it is available with Stiller's unique Drop Port--a great idea that really works. The Viper represents one of the best values among custom actions for 6mm BR. A Viper action costs $950 complete with trigger guard and precision scope rings. Stiller Precision also makes a larger aluminum action, the "Python", and the new all-stainless "Diamondback" action, similar to a Nesika. Both are available for 6mm BR with optional drop-port. Stiller Precision

New from Stiller Precision is the affordable $650.00 stainless Predator action, a drop-in replacement for the Remington 700. It is either single-shot or magazine fed. Long and short actions are available with .223, .308 or Magnum boltfaces. The top is full round and uses two front bases rather then the stepped down one on the rear of a Remington. This allows for better scope alignment. The magazine-fed actions use a 0.150" extended cutout to allow for longer cartridges and H-S Precision or Wyatt boxes. The port has been opened a little for the same reasons. The bolt is a little looser than benchrest actions to avoid problems with grit and particles. It has 0.004" clearance, much less than a Remington, but a little more than with BR actions. Jerry Stiler says: "If you are going out to buy a Remington donor rifle, STOP, give us a call. The Predator may cost less by the time that Rem action is trued and blue-printed."

BAT Medium dual-port action.
BAT actions are milled from solid billet. The machining is the best in the industry. Actions come in a variety of sizes and profiles--round, multi-flat, or octagonal. The shorter BAT actions use a 1.062" tenon and 18tpi thread pitch, while the longer actions use a 1.125" tenon with 16tpi pitch. Cost is $1,150. Bat Machines
Stolle Actions by Kelbly's
Panda (top left), Grizzly II (lower), Stolle Swindlehurst 22LR (right). The Stolle Panda has won more Benchrest matches than any other action. It is aluminum with a steel 1.062" tenon, 18 tpi twist. The flat bottom provides a large, secure bedding surface. The integral rail on top adds stiffness, and provides a built-in high precision mount for scope rings. A larger "Big-Bore Panda" is available with an integrated recoil lug in the front. Panda actions start at $950 including trigger guard and fluted bolt. Microport ejection is available for another $80. Kelbly's Actions

Borden Custom actionBorden Action
Jim Borden is one of the top benchrest gunsmiths in the country, so he knows how a custom action has to perform. He has invented many of the features you see on today's top custom actions, such as "Borden bumps". Though in the past Jim had an association with Nesika Bay, Jim's company now produces their own actions. Here shown are the Borden BR-2 action (right) and the Borden Repeater (below). The Repeater is ideal for a precision hunting rifle or for use in the Hunter Benchrest Class. Borden actions start at about $1100. Borden Rifles.

Borden precision rifle
Surgeon Action
The Surgeon Action is a relatively new product optimized for field and Tactical use. When you consider all the upgrades--integral recoil lug, built-in +20 MOA scope rail, solid, oversize bolt handle, it represents very good value compared to a blue-printed Rem 700 Action. Terry Cross has used his Surgeon-actioned 260 AI to win many major tactical matches. Terry reports: "Final dimensions are machined after heat-treating to insure perfect squareness and alignment. This action also boasts more thread length for the barrel shank. Typical barrel shanks for the Surgeon have a thread length of 0.950" versus the 0.700" thread length in Remington Model 700 style actions. This provides a 37% increase in barrel engagement. This action is built to perform and survive in the grueling environment of tactical-type field shooting as well as Law Enforcement and military sniper applications. It is built to the same precision and squareness as the best benchrest action but has fit tolerances that allow it to function under harsh conditions, and where dirt or debris might stop a benchrest action in its tracks. Checking the receiver and boltin fixtures confirmed that it is turn-key with no other work needed except the metal finish of your choice. The Surgeon action is also offered in a tighter-fitting, single-shot version for the F-Class and varmint hunting crowd.
SG&Y Panda F-Class Action
This action, made by Kelbly's for SG&Y, is optimized for F-Class and IBS/NBRSA 1000-yard competition. The "F-CLASS" receiver's built-in +20 moa scope rail gives most scopes enough elevation to reach 1000 yards without shims or tapered bases. We like the fact that Stolle gave the new action an integral recoil lug. We prefer a built-in lug over a pinned-on lug, since pinned lugs cost more money and require extra smithing. The "F-CLASS" will be offered in both standard and magnum lengths. The $1000 actions can be purchased through SG&Y. Complete 6mm BR rifles with the new action are sold by Kelbly's and SG&Y, (817) 430-5097. SGY Rifles.
RPA Quadlock
A very rigid, high quality action with ultra-short lock-time, the RPA Quadlock ($1598 with trigger and trigger guard) is a favorite of Palma shooters worldwide. It features a short-throw 4-lug bolt, integrated sight rail, and a very slick RPA-made trigger unit. The Quadlock is ideal for Cross-the-course and position shooting with .308 size rounds. For 6BR and 6XC, the smaller diameter Quadlite is probably a better choice, as it feeds the fat-cased, long-nosed rounds better. The $1398 Quadlite ships without trigger or bottom metal. You can also use any Remington-compliant trigger group. RPA Quadlock and Quadlite actions are sold in the USA by Creedmoor Sports.

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